Where are these 10 female travel bloggers off to next?


Meet some of my favourite travel bloggers, each having their own style of travel but all sharing the same passion to explore the world. Find out what's their favourite destination and where they're going to next.

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Selena @finduslost


Find Us Lost is a travel blog specializing in curated travel guides and designed with a new generation of wanderlusters in mind. For those who crave meaningful experiences, delicious food, and photo-worthy destinations when traveling, use Find Us Lost to inspire and plan your next trip.

⚐ Lives in: Amsterdam

♡ Favorite destination: San Sebastian, Spain is one of my favorite cities I've ever been to. It has everything: beautiful beaches, amazing food, quaint streets, and a picturesque river running right through the center. Plus, it's so walkable - which I love about any city. 

✈ Next place on her bucket list: I really want to visit the Faroe Islands. I've heard amazing things, and every photo I've seen from there seems unreal. 

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May @mayandtravel


InArabymay is a travel and lifestyle blog inspired by beautiful destinations, by color and nature, and by wonderful people that I’ve met on my journey.

⚐ Lives in: Los Angeles

♡ Favorite destination: Dubrovnik, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, because I'm a big fan of the HBO show "Games of Thrones" and I was thrilled to discover many parts of the old town feature as backdrop in the show. The most popular area is Dubrovnik’s Old Town, Stari Grad, defined by its impressive fortifications and a massive city wall, which is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage. 

✈ Next place on her bucket list: Morocco. Visiting Morocco has been my dream; I've always wanted to enjoy beautiful camel treks, see the desert, and drink tea under stunning star lit nights."

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Taylor @taylor_fuller


I believe that all things are better when they are bright and beautiful and that’s where Travel Colorfully came from. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to live in France, Italy, and Thailand. I have been able to travel all over Europe and SE Asia and Travel Colorfully has given me a platform to share all of my adventures with the world. 

⚐ Lives in: Delray Beach, Florida (but thinking of moving back to Europe in 2017!)

♡ Favorite destination: Florence, Italy is my favorite place in the entire world. I lived there for a year and fell in love with the people, food, and history of the city. It was the first place that I ever truly felt at home and it sparked my desire to see all parts of the world. I can’t wait to go back this summer!

✈ Next place on her bucket list: I’m probably most excited to travel to Cuba, Columbia, and Iceland in the upcoming year. Cuba and Columbia are such colorful places and have an old charm to them. Iceland has been flooding my Instagram feed and I can’t wait to discover the natural beauty.

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Fiorella @globetrottingblonde


Hi! My name is Fiorella and I run the blog  GlobetrottingBlonde. I love everything that includes adventure, food and bikinis. You can also read all about how I manage to travel for cheap on my blog.

⚐ Lives in: Florida (originally from Montevideo, Uruguay) 

♡ Favorite destination: Picking my favorite destination is hard! I think I’d narrow it down to the Greek islands, Barcelona and Paris. My favorite locations tend to be full of sunny beaches (does it get any better than Santorini?), friendly locals (Spain is full of them!), and rich, iconic culture (Paris has it all). 

✈ Next place on her bucket list: Southeast Asia backpacking trip, Costa Rica, and maybe Hawaii. I’m all about cheap travel, so I’ll be attempting to do it all on a college-student budget! Asia has been on my list for a long time, so I’m extremely excited to head there.

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Nastasia @dametraveler


I'm the founder of Dame Traveler and a lover of travel, photography, and life. 40 countries later, my passion for travel led me to create a sizable community of female travelers. Whether sipping on chai in Istanbul or volunteering abroad in South Africa, I continue to find and share the beauty of this world, thus inspiring people to change the way they see and experience travel.

⚐ Lives in: New York

♡ Favorite destination:  I have a soft spot in my heart for Cuba. My memories there are unlike any other and I have the beautiful Cuban people to thank for that. My old soul was in heaven the entire time I spent in that magical place and I cannot wait to reunite. 

✈ Next place on her bucket list: I'll be heading to Patagonia next to experience the gorgeous glaciers of Argentina! I've visited Buenos Aires once before and fell in love with it so I cannot wait to go back and take it all in once more. I've always admired Argentina and its culture but experiencing the Patagonia region of this beautiful country has always been a dream of mine. I can't wait to witness the glaciers at work at Petit Moreno and hike Mt. FItz Roy, connecting with nature. 

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Leah @leahshoup


Gringa Journeys is a travel blog that has a particular focus on South America and language learning. I started my blog as an outlet while living abroad to share information for other expats and it's grown into something bigger than I could've ever expected!

⚐ Lives in: Atlanta, Georgia (also lived in Santiago, Chile and back there in February)

♡ Favorite destination: My favorite destination thus far has been Florianópolis, Brazil. It's a beautiful city on an island in the south of Brazil and is completely surrounded by beaches. I loved the chill vibe of the city, plus it gave me the perfect chance to practice Portuguese! A lot of people focus on getting to Rio de Janeiro, but so many people overlook this much less crowded paradise.

✈ Next place on her bucket list: Lisbon, Portugal. I'm not sure what it was that immediately caught my attention about Lisbon: the cable cars, the amazing architecture, the vibrant colors. Whatever it was, I've been dying to hop on a plane and get there ASAP. I'm excited to be able to practice my Portuguese and explore a country I've never been to (plus, the mediterranean climate has me excited for warm weather)! 

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Monica @monicamoras


Eduardo and Monica Runaways is about travel, photography and lifestyle in a trip. But more than talk about places and feelings, we show everything throught our lenses.

⚐ Lives in: from Porto Alegre in Brazil but on the road since 2014.

♡ Favorite destination: Thailand is my home away from home every time when I need some time to relax, organize some projects and where I made friends, specially in Chiang Mai. People are lovely and easygoing, food is delicious, landscapes are breathtaking, wifi works perfect for digital nomads like us, and it`s easy and pretty cheap travel from mountains to the beach. 

✈ Next place on her bucket list: Morocco. There`s something about its colors and history that inspires me to go there. I`m really excited to explore the desert, smell herbs and spices baked, visit some riads with gorgeous interior gardens, discover hidden paths around historical cities and visit some beaches. 

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Carly @light.travels


Light Travels blog is something I created to show others just how affordable traveling can actually be! I focus on sharing travel hacks, destination-based budget guides, and hidden gems I find around the globe.

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⚐ Lives in: Los Angeles

♡ Favorite destination: The Amalfi Coast in Italy! Every colorful town along its coast has a unique, romantic charm and their beautiful beaches make them even more stunning! It’s one of the first places that I travelled to with my boyfriend now of 4 years, and also the first place that made us completely enamored with seeing the world together. Since then we’ve travelled to 23 countries together and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

✈ Next place on her bucket list: The Philippines! I’m happiest when I’m by the sea and surrounded by nature, so I’ve been dying to explore the islands of the Philippines. I already know I’m going to fall in love with the turquoise water, diverse sea life, and white sand beaches. Plus, I’ve heard it’s “more untouched” compared to Thailand’s beaches and Bali (and even those places I absolutely loved!).

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Mairin @aglobetrot


I'm an American girl living in London and leaving town as much as possible (even though I love it to death). Being an accountant is boring, so I try to make up for it by seeing the world!

⚐ Lives in: London

♡ Favorite destination: Norway. The landscape there is unlike anything I've seen before. The stark cliffs rising above the fjords are so beautiful, and the dramatic mountains up north in Lofoten almost don't look real. I have yet so see the Northern Lights, but that's another perk of the country I will have to go back for!

✈ Next place on her bucket list: Sri Lanka. It is such a cool country, with a unique offering of experiences. I'm dying to travel through the tea country by train, swing on rope swings off of palm trees on the beach, and see the largest concentration of leopards in the world!

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Nadine @blonde_seashell


I'm an expat, bohemian and travel blogger currently living the island life in Bali. I love the ocean and that’s why I chose to live on an island, but I still want to see so much more on this beautiful earth. With Blonde Seashell  I want to inspire all wild hearts and freedom seekers to follow their dreams and also to help people plan their trip to Bali with my best tips on where to eat healthy food, what to see and explore aside the mass tourism.

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⚐ Lives in: Bali (originally from Switzerland)

♡ Favorite destination: I love living live in Bali for the time being, but in the future I can also see myself in Hawaii. I need the island life: ocean, coconuts, flowers and people who smile and take life not too serious. I also love the lush jungles, which both of these islands offer and that there is culture so far away from mine, from which I can learn something new everyday.

✈ Next place on her bucket list: The Philippines. I've heard and seen on pictures that the beaches there are stunning, almost untouched by tourism and that the water is crystal clear and the sand completely white. When I am old I want to be able to tell my grandchildren that I have seen all the beautiful beaches on this planet. 

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