Lulu Escapes meets travel blogger & tropical addict: Sarah (aka Salty Luxe)


Sarah is the vibrant Aussie behind Salty Luxe - She is based in Byron Bay but you’ll mostly likely see her travelling around the world to some beautiful tropical island or discovering a lesser known destination with her partner Chesh. From pristine beaches and secluded islands to incredible sunsets and unique spots, her travel content is one if the best out there and the quality of her content is undeniable. Sarah absolutely loves travelling and sharing all of her incredible travel experiences to inspire others to do the same. In addition to being an engaging travel blogger and content creator, Sarah is a kind human being and her good vibes and positivity make it a pleasure to follow her escapes. It’s an honour for me to interview such a talented and inspiring woman and I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know more about Sarah in this interview.

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Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

What do you enjoy the most about travelling?

For me travel is meditative, it really fills me with a lot of joy and pushes me to be the best version of myself! Many of my best moments have been experienced while on the road, as well as some of my greatest friends have been met through it! Travel is absolutely the vehicle for growth for me.

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

I know it's a hard question to answer, but what's your most amazing travel experience ever?

One of my best moments was definitely living with a hill tribe in Burma, volunteering on an elephant vet outpost project. I slept on the floor next to a pig for weeks (haha!) and ate rice from a banana leaf for breakfast from the jungle every day! I LOVE animals and this experience changed my life. I did it solo and I will forever know it as one of the important experiences that propelled me into pursing Salty Luxe.

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

As a true salty beach chick, can you share with us your 3 favourite beaches in the world?

  1. The Pass, Byron Bay

  2. Lucky Bay, Esperance

  3. Every single beach in French Polynesia ever

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

What are your favourite sea/ocean activities?

I LOVE to swim. I try to do it everyday. I've recently just started saying, if in doubt, swim it out!

I mostly like to swim in the ocean and I try to do at least 1 km per day. I also really love sailing - I'm super into the idea of living on a boat (if I can inspire Chesh into doing it, I definitely will!)

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

What are the biggest upsides and downsides of being a travel blogger constantly on the road?

It's often very exhausting. A lot goes on behind the scenes and showing up every day as your best self is VERY challenging at times. I want to be my best self for my audience & they deserve that, so when you have had 2 days of no sleep or you are in a travel crisis etc - it can be tough!

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

On the upside, I am so grateful that my audience is very like minded and we have created a community of very genuine kind people. So I'm learning to be kinder to myself in these moments and share more real stuff. After all, we're all human!

We also get incredible opportunities to do things (paid) that we would do for free because they make us so happy. Creating for us has become a way of life. Although we work VERY hard, we do really love what we do. And this is the best part of our job :)

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

Which travel bloggers or other influencers inspire you the most?

I love @chelseakauai for her rad adventurous spirit / I love @earthyandy for her amazing vegan recipes / @sjanaelise for being an amazing yogi & friend / @juliamuniz because she shares my tropical heart and love for all things summer! / @hbgoodie is a legend, really love her work / @mariefeandjakesnow for their amazing commitment to environmental causes (we really care about such causes to so it makes us so happy to see them using their huge audience for such good) / @elisecook is such a cutie and I'm so excited always to follow her adventures - she's a super kind soul too! It's so good to see so many emerging artists in this space - it's really inspiring. These are only some of the creators I love, I could literally go on & on!

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

You're based in Byron Bay - can you share with us some of the places you love to
go when you're not travelling?

Hell yeah I can! Wategos and The Pass are 2 of my fav beaches in the world. Bayleaf Cafe, Treehouse and Sunday Sustainable Bakery should be on everyones food list - also love The Top Shop for a great açai bowl + Combi is great for vegan treats. You MUST visit The Pressed Pantry if you like smoothie bowls - Michelle the owner is the sweetest chick & makes the best bowls in town (hands down!) Also best coffee goes to Sparrow Coffee + Barefoot Roasters.

Byron is so unique and beautiful - it's literally my fav place in the world. I feel like I could cry just thinking about how much I love it! We can't wait to one day be back and have more of a life there. DREAMS!

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

Since a few months ago, you've been travelling full time with your boyfriend Chesh - how's it going so far?

We are loving it!! We've had some crazy good times, some huge learnings and definitely have grown a lot together and as individuals!

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

You manage to send out so many happy vibes on your Instagram account - if you could give 3 tips to people in general to live a happy life and spread the happiness what would they be?

Believe in yourself + manifest and put things out into the universe that you want + don't get bitter, get better! AND radiate those good vibes and that will all come back to you tenfold.

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

Home to snuggle my dog Scarley.

Salty Luxe - Sarah - Travel Blogger

↠ You can connect with Sarah on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to follow her amazing tropical escapes around the world. 

C xx

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