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Christine is the girl behind the beautiful blog Tour de Lust. I have been following Christine’s escapes around the world since I started my own travel blog and her photos and blog content just keep getting better and better. With now over 140K followers on Instagram, Christine has quit her job and is now living the life of a successful travel blogger. She is a true inspiration and is travelling non stop. It’s my pleasure to share this interview with you so that you get to know more about this charming girl.

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Have you always been an avid traveller? What’s the first trip that you can remember?

I guess so. I grew up traveling every summer with my parents to Hawaii and Mexico a lot. After college I went on my first Europe trip to London, Paris and Amsterdam and fell in love with it even more! I guess that's when my travel bug really started.


What do you enjoy the most about traveling?

There are so many things I enjoy about traveling. I love learning about the history of certain places I visit, the culture, meeting people around the world and trying authentic cuisines. 


What has been your most amazing travel experience to date?

This is a hard question. All my trips have been amazing and so different! I would say Italy and Greece because it holds many great memories for me. It was the first international trip I went on with my boyfriend and Greece because we got engaged there!


You’re currently traveling around all European northern countries (Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.) – which one have you liked the most so far?

Stockholm is probably on the top for me.. during this trip I also visited St Petersburg, Russia and that was the best! The city is full of history and I loved learning about it.


Which is the next destination on your bucket list that you will be ticking off soon?

Switzerland! I have always wanted to visit because it's so beautiful. There's a lot of outdoor activities, hiking trails and of course going there for their chocolate!

Do you tend to travel solo or with someone in particular?

I typically travel with my fiance or a friend. I enjoy traveling with others so we get to experience it together.


Who takes all of your stunning photos when traveling?

Mostly my fiance or friend that's traveling with me. Sometimes I'll ask strangers if I'm traveling alone.


You mention on your blog that you’re a big foodie, what’s your favourite type of cuisine?

Japanese cuisine! 

Please share three of your favourite restaurants in San Francisco!

State Bird Provisions, Gary Danko and Bellota.


Are you living full time in San Francisco or are you mainly travelling?

I recently quit my job so right now I'm mostly traveling full time but my home base is in San Francisco.


Which travel bloggers inspire you the most?

I love Tara Milk Tea and Ohhcouture! Both are so creative and have the most amazing photos.

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Do you sometimes find it a challenge to travel, create content and share travel articles on your blog whilst keeping up with social media?

Yes, all the time! It's difficult sometimes to find the balance of creating content while still enjoying my time in a destination. I've realized that I don't always need that perfect shot! It's always good to sometimes take a break from blogging and social media for a few days. 


What are your plans for the near future?

Good question. I don't have a long term plan at the moment but I'm trying to travel as much as I can for the next year. I've also been thinking about creating a guide to help others with blogging or growing their Instagram. 


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