Lulu Escapes meets Spanish travel blogger: Diana Millos


You’ll find Diana travelling to all different kind of destinations around the world, such as Morocco, India and Cuba. She never stops! Plus her attention to detail and creativity is on point. She is always creating wonderful unique images of the places she visits and is always wearing the most stunning dresses. Diana shares all of her travel tips and recommendations on her blog Dianamiaus. I have been following her since I started my travel blog and she never stops surprising me with her amazing content.

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Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

What excites you the most about travelling? 

Getting lost, using all my 5 senses to the maximum, finding beautiful places and having fun with the unknown! I love how traveling makes me more conscious about my surroundings. 

Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

How do you choose your destinations and plan your escapes?

I really love to travel - ANYWHERE. It doesn’t matter if I have visited a place already in the past, I will be happy to come back. Some of the things I keep in mind when it comes to planning are weather, events and flight deals. 

Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

Where are you based when you're not travelling? Can you give us some local recommendations in your hometown?

I’m based in Vigo, a small town in north west Spain. It’s not famous (yet) but it’s lovely, especially in summer. Our biggest treasure are the beautiful Cíes islands - they’re a piece of paradise! Google it and you’ll see. Its main beach has been considered the best beach in the world by The Guardian!

I know it's a hard question but what's your favourite destination in the world?

I always say that I can’t choose! But the ones that surprised me the most (and I love to come back to) are the places that look like another world. Examples of this, every in a different style, are India, Iceland and Cuba.

Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

Who do you tend to travel with and who takes all of your amazing photos?

I travel with my boyfriend, with friends and most of times, alone. I take most of my pictures myself with the tripod because I’m a control freak. Even when I ask someone to take the photo I like to be in control of the creative direction so the outcome is the photo idea I have in mind. 

Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

What's your favourite hobby outside of travelling?

I love drawing but I don’t do it as much nowadays - now I spend hours creating in a different way using Lightroom! I also love reading and listening to music. 

What would be your 3 mains tips for someone wanting to start a travel blog? Anything you would have done differently when you stared now that you have the experience?

3 tips:

  1. start it as a business;

  2. learn as much as you can (the list of things you need to know for blogging successfully is endless!); and

  3. never stop posting!

I’m my case, I started as a hobby and didn’t pay much attention to my brand name (, which is not very related to travel lol). Finding a good name is very important!

Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

Do you find that social media makes it easier to travel today? 

Back in the day I always said that fashion bloggers helped people to dress better - and I think that travel bloggers/instagrammers help travelers to travel better, take better photos, find different places and also learn how to travel in a more sustainable way. 

Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

What's the most incredible travel moment that you will never forget?

Last year I was in a safari in Africa watching lion babies with tears in my eyes and next week I was in the Red Sea in Egypt swimming with wild dolphins during a pink sunset. What is life?

Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

I’m happy to go anywhere! Some travel dreams are visiting Petra in Jordan, staying at an overwater villa in Maldives, Fiji or French Polynesia, and maybe sailing for a long period of time just anywhere like the Mediterranean. 

How do you see your travel blog growing in the near future?

I’m really focusing on my blog, especially when I’m not travelling. I want my blog to be a reference for those travelers looking for information about travel, photography and lifestyle. I want to write a book, to start a YouTube channel and also another Master’s degree in business (education is so important!). I would love to have my own dress brand in the future too! Do you think I’m going to fulfill these dreams? At least I’ll try! 

Travel Blogger - Diana Miaus

↠ You can connect with Diana on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and YouTube to follow her beautiful travels around the world. 

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