Lulu Escapes meets Slovenian travel blogger: Lara (aka Your Passport)


Lara is originally from Slovenia but is rarely home as she’s always travelling to some new amazing destination with her partner Uros. Together they create some of the most beautiful travel photos and have recently started sharing some awesome travel videos too. Lara has been able to make travel blogging her full time business and in this interview she shares her personal experiences about the travel blogging industry. Lara’s account is one of my favourites to follow on Instagram and I hope our paths meet one day on a future escape (we nearly met up in Santorini last year…). FYI - her new travel blog is coming soon!

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Your Passport - Travel Blog

What do you enjoy the most about travelling? Favourite travel experience of 2018? 

Along with feeling free and wild, meeting new people and visiting new, unfamiliar places, broadening my mind so much, letting me be who I am, teaching me what really matters and life in general… But most importantly, allowing me to be able to do what I love the most together with the person I love the most and basically making a living out of our hobby! That’s what I love the most, for sure!

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Ibiza

Favourite travel experience of 2018 is a tough one, but if I had to choose I'd go with swimming with mantas in Nusa Penida, Indonesia.

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Nusa Penida

Where are you based when you're not travelling? What's the proportion of time you spend at home/travelling?

We are based in Slovenia. Our travel schedule is always on and off and it mainly depends on the projects we take on - previous years we've been on the road nonstop, this year we took it down a bit and now travel mostly 3 weeks per month. 

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Ibiza

What are the biggest upsides and downsides of being a travel blogger?

Working for yourself as fun as it may sometimes sound also means you have no one asking you to stay from 9 – 6 so you just keep going. This will actually make you work 24/7 - influencers are hands down one of the most hard-working people you’ll ever meet (not exaggerating even a bit). One of the downsides of being a travel blogger is also all the unpredictable things that happen to you on the road (which can also sometimes be the upsides), not having that feeling of home comfortability as you're constantly on the go and the never-ending (un)packing. Oh, and the big one - never knowing what your next month's pay-check will be. 

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Bali

Biggest upsides - being a travel blogger is still the best job you could ever have and also probably the most wanted job of young girls now. Being able to work for yourself, being invited to all those amazing resorts and places and getting paid for it, experiencing all the glamorous life, being gifted on a daily basis, travelling constantly and freely, learning so much about life and yourself... I could go on forever. 

At what point did you turn your passion for travel into your full time job?

I have always dreamed of being in a role on a job where I make my own decisions, I am my own boss, I decide what my working day looks like and if I want to work on a particular project or not. That's always a life I've desired to have for myself. There's multiple ways you can achieve that by being a freelancer. I've never looked at blogging like a past time, that I will sit in my room and show off all of the destinations I like and I've been to, but I've always seen a monetary potential in it. I always thought why not do something I love - I have a journalism degree, I love photography, I love traveling - so why not do something I love and monetise it at the same time... This was always a business decision to start Instagramming just as much as it was a creative outlet for me and it's amazing to be able to say that and I feel very appreciative to be able to make money while doing the job I love.

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Venice

How do you find travelling and working together with your partner? 

Uros @your_passage is my travel companion. He’s amazing! There’s never a dull moment with him and I am a firm believer that he is the reason I actually never disliked any of the destinations we have traveled to so far. 

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Barcelona

We are lucky because we complement each other perfectly and are both stubborn in different essential components of our work (because big part of our travels is work). For example, Uros (@your_passage) obsesses about post-processing, and I am the one complicating more about the composition and shooting process. We both have different strengths/weaknesses/interests in the same field and we allow each other to be the boss of our own areas. For example, while I am typing out a blog, he edits our photos. So, mainly, it’s knowing that our business goes far only because of what we are able to create and achieve together. Basically, it’s all about the teamwork and knowing that the opportunities that we are able to achieve it's only because we work together.

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Capadoccia

Obviously, we do get on each other’s nerves sometimes! But not most of the time haha. We do criticize each other’s work a lot, and it can be hard to take it in sometimes, so I’d say patience is the key - we keep learning and improving each other, giving each other space when working, too, and always respect each other’s opinion. We appreciate and love what we have and what we are able to create together. So feeling grateful, every day.

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Santorini

You create some amazing travel videos on IGTV - any tips you can share on how to create such good videos and what equipment to use?

Well, thank you! We use our cameras Nikon d3200, DJI Mavic Pro and GoPro 7 to film and do all of the editing in Final Cut Pro X. Just a few guidelines to stick to when making a travel video: stay original, be yourself, create emotions, inspire, make your audience feel and know there is always a room for improvement, so keep learning every day until you master it!

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Venice

Do you prefer going on romantic escapes or adventure escapes?

Both - I need both in my life, hehe. I always travel together with my partner who also has (as mentioned before) his awesome page @your_passage and we always combine plenty of adventures with plenty of romantic moments (staying in all the luxury resorts there are so many of those as they pamper the hell out of us with candle dinners, candle baths, sunset sailings, etc.).

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Paris

What's your favourite hobby outside of travelling?

Photography is pretty obvious one. I also love cooking! 

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Capadoccia

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

It would be French Polynesia - Bora Bora, Tahiti, Moorea... That's easy, it is my dream destination.

Your Passport - Travel Blogger in Nusa Penida

↠ You can connect with Lara on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to follow her incredible adventures around the world. 

C xx

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