Lulu Escapes meets: Jen Lewis (aka Bronze & Briny)


Jen Lewis is the beach babe behind the blog Bronze & Briny (Bronze: Sun Kissed & Briny: of salt water or the sea). If you scroll through her Instagram feed, all her pictures just make you want to live a continuous beach life. Originally from South Florida, she is now living in Berlin and escapes to the beach whenever she can. She's a passionate traveller and hopes to inspire you to follow your dreams and live the life that makes you happy.

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Bronze & Briny

What is it about travelling that you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy meeting new people and having the ability to experience new cultures. 

Bronze & Briny
Bronze & Briny

As a true beach lover, which is your favouite beach in the world?

My favourite beach in the world would definitely be Platja d'es Trenc in Menorca. That entire island is heaven on Earth! 

Bronze & Briny

Where are you currently based? Any local recommendations to share?

I'm currently based in Berlin, which is odd for an ocean lover I know, but this city is amazing! There's way too much to see and do, but a few of my favourite activities include sunbathing by the canal in Kreuzberg, Taco Tuesday at Santa Maria, yoga in Tempelhofer Feld, lunch at Superfoods & Organic Liquids, or listening to live music at Urban Spree

What are you main hobbies outside of blogging?

I love swimming, taking photos and trying new vegan recipes. 

Bronze & Briny
Bronze & Briny

You’ve developed an impressive community around all your beautiful travels – what would you say are the most successful ingredients behind such success?

Simply getting to know the people and places in the countries you're traveling to. When doing so, you're able to connect on a much deeper level and create some pretty meaningful connections. 

Bronze & Briny

Do you travel solo or with someone in particular?

Ultimately, I always have a travel companion even if I begin the trip 'solo'. That's the beauty of travel, you always make friends going in similar directions!

Bronze & Briny

What do you find to be the most struggling part when travelling and blogging at the same time?

Sometimes I feel like blogging takes away the beauty from what I'm seeing. So recently I've tried to focus on just enjoying the moment, then blogging about the place a few days after. 

Bronze & Briny

What would be your advice or top recommendations for someone wanting to become a travel blogger?

PATIENCE! I've met and spoken with so many people who think this just happens overnight, or try so hard to compete with people who have been doing this for years. Everyone starts at zero, and it takes time to gain traction. But keep at it!

Bronze & Briny

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

I would 100% go to Tanzania. I've been trying to get down to Africa for ages, but time hasn't been right. Maybe in a year or two :)

Where do you see Bronze & Briny in a few years?

Honestly, I tend not to live with too many expectations, so I haven't thought that far yet. Hopefully it'll still be a place where people can go for honest advice and pretty photos :)

Bronze & Briny

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