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Zory is the charming lady behind the blog Zory Mory who has an eye for fashion and loves finding local fashion inspiration on her escapes around the world. I met Zory on Instagram and it's always a pleasure to discover her new pictures that are captured in a unique and stylish way. Zory currently lives in San Francisco and has been blogging for many years now. I hope you enjoy reading this interview which will allow you to get to know more about such an inspiring woman.  

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What made you start your blog and how long have you been blogging for?

I first started blogging in 2007. Back then blogging was way different. Cameras were big and bulky also - we didn’t have tiny iPhone cameras. I wasn't very consistent with my posts until I moved to San Francisco in 2014. Starting from scratch in a new country inspired me to document my adventures!


How do you find that travel and fashion combine together?

I think they combine really well. I love how identity and culture are intrinsically tied to the way people dress. I learn so much about the place I’m in through observing simple things like street style and fashion. After all, we put on clothes every day to communicate something about ourselves and we travel to get a chance to communicate with the new and unfamiliar.


What would you stay makes you stand out from other fashion and lifestyle bloggers?

I love experimenting. My style is fluid and always changing. You can see me wearing a very casual sporty outfit one day and a glamorous evening gown another day. I would be super comfortable and happy in both. I don't know if this sets me apart but I believe I'm presenting my own point of view, expressing myself, and inviting people to follow along while having fun with me.


Tell us more about your day-to-day life as a visual designer? What are the highs and lows?

I'm very fortunate to have a creative job. My projects are really flexible and I often don't even have to go to an office on daily basis. Working in the digital world also means that the rules are always changing so it’s hard to get bored. And as for the lows... I think having to spend so much time sitting in front of a screen definitely takes a toll on your body.


Do you get lots of fashion inspiration by local trends in the different countries you visit?

Yes! I love experimenting with local fashion trends. I think it helps you experience the place more fully and deeply.


What did you like the most about your recent escape to Morocco?

I was very impressed by the attention to detail in their crafts. From the carpet shops to the old tile covered buildings - I loved all the colors and textures of Morocco.


Where are you originally from? How do you like living in San Francisco?

I'm originally from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It's a charming city with romantic Roman artifacts and memorizing Balkan architecture. I highly recommend visiting Plovdiv - you’ll love it's laid back spirit and beautiful little streets.

For me, San Francisco was quite a change. It took me some time to get used to it - but  after living here for three years, I’ve made some fantastic friends here and I'm proud to call it home now.


As your currently living in San Francisco, please share with us some of your favourite spots.

I love how walkable San Francisco is. One of my favorite things is to walk from Russian Hill (for it's views of the city) to North Beach (for it's European vibe). Some tips I have are to try the signature Sacripantina cake at Stella Pastry & Cafe, indulge on some homemade pasta from The Italian Homemade Company, take a selfie at Leo Oyster Bar and shop at the boutiques around Shinola's flagship store.


If you were deserted on an island what would be your one and only must have accessory?

Sunscreen! Is that an accessory? Hah I definitely need all the sunscreen I can take since I'm so pale and easily burn. If that doesn't count I would probably like to have something to make fire with. Am I being too practical? :)


 Which destination is next on your bucket list (and why)?

My dream is to visit more countries in Africa because it’s such an unexplored and foreign continent to me. But first I'm going back to Asia this winter - Thailand, Burma, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia. Southeast Asia has a special place in my heart since I met Henry in a hostel lobby there 6 years ago! Also, the food in SE Asia is just so wonderful!


↠  You can connect with Zory on  Instagram to stay updated with her fashion styles and beautiful travels. 

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