Lulu Escapes meets Croatian/Bosnian travel blogger: Andrea


Andrea is passionate about travelling and loves to explore both old and new destinations when she's not working as a family nurse practitioner. She grew up in Croatia and Germany and is now living in the USA. Andrea loves sharing all of her amazing travel experiences on her blog Andrea's Travels and she hopes to inspire everyone to visit the same beautiful places that she's been to.

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Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

What was the first big trip you went on that you can remember?

I traveled a lot back and forth from Germany to Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina as a child. We lived in Germany at the time and would go back every summer to see our family. I vaguely remember those trips though. My first big trip that has left a lasting impression on me was about 6-7 years ago when I took my than fiance to Europe to meet all of my family. We went to Germany, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Serbia. It was probably one of my favorite trips because I was surrounded by family. 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

What inspired you to start your travel blog? Are you working on it full time?

I do not do it full time, even though I totally wish I could, right now. I am in the healthcare field and basically work on it as much as I can either at work or when I get home from my 8-4. What inspired me to start it was really just sharing my stories about my travels. I truly enjoy writing and taking photos so I started it as a hobby. I actually never knew that it would grow as much as it did in just a few short months. 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

What are your favourite types of holiday destinations?

That is a tough question! I sure do love a pretty beach, especially with crystal clear waters and palm trees! I think that is why Croatia always remains at the top of my list, well that and because it is home. But I also enjoy exploring big cities and finding all of the cute cafes, good places to eat, and immersing myself in the museums and fast pace. Also a nice mountain view cannot hurt either, I really just love it all! I like to have a good mixture and keep it interesting.  

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

Where are you living in the USA? Do you miss living in Europe at all?

I am currently living in Southern USA, in Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico. As thankful as I am for my opportunity to live in the USA, I terribly miss Europe. I have already told my husband that we are moving back to Europe at some point, it may not be the right time right now but in time we will make our way back for sure! Europe just has this ambiance of history, old world charm, and simple living. I almost feel like everything is at a slower pace, at least it is in Croatia! I miss that about Europe and naturally I miss all of my family as well. 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

Who takes all of your stunning travel photos? How do you edit your photos?

My awesome Insta Husband of course! I am so thankful for him and thankful for his immense amount of patience with me. There have been so many times where we have had to patiently wait even for 30 minutes to get that insta worthy shot and he has always waited with a smile on his wife. Currently, I use Lightroom Desktop version to edit all of my photos. I am in the process of hopefully making some presets soon and doing some YouTube lightroom tutorials! 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

Do you travel solo? If so, what would be your main advice to someone looking to travel solo.

It's crazy to think but I have never traveled solo in my life! I am way too much of a people person, total extrovert that I would get so bored on my own. So I drag my husband around, he also keeps me from getting lost. I am terrible with directions! 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

What are you main 3 tips for people looking to grow on Instagram?

Spending time engaging with people on Instagram has been the biggest growth factor for me. But I engage with people because I like to and because I love their photos as well. Also sharing good content, editing the photos. It all takes time and work but I think sharing good content, editing photos, and engaging are the three key concepts to growing your Instagram account. 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

Have you had any bad experiences whilst travelling? If so, what did you learn from it?

I actually had a recent bad experience while in Prague in January. It was a weather related experience actually that no one had any control over. We rented a car to drive from Vienna to Prague, which is generally a 3 hour drive. Well it turned out that the day we were leaving for Prague there happened to be a blizzard. The entire interstate to Prague was shut down due to an 86 car pile up.

We then decided instead of sitting on the interstate all night that we would try to take a back road through the Czech country side. Every road that we attempted to go down was either closed, or a bus slipped off the road, or there was too much ice and snow. For a few hours I thought we were actually have to spend the night in the forest during the blizzard!

We met a lot of very friendly people with the same drive as us and I realized that even though we were from all different parts of the world, we helped each other by following one another to get to Prague. Also, I learned to always check the weather, especially in the winter, if you are driving to another country! 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would it be?

That is a really tough question. I would say Croatia but I go every year. So I will say Maldives! Maldives have been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. I think just being able to enjoy that crystal clear sea and stay in an over the water villa would literally be a dream even if its for one night! And as I said before I love a good beach and crystal clear water, so I know that the Maldives would live up to it for sure. 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

What are your plans for the future? How do you plan on developing your blog?

I hope to make blogging a full time job one day, or at least generate enough income to sustain from it. Once that happens, I would love to move back to Croatia and travel around Europe more. I work on my blog daily, always improving something or even always learning something new. I hope that in time that the growth will continue and that my dream will become a reality. It all takes hard work but it is worth it in the end. 

Travel Blogger- Andreas Travels

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