Best restaurants in Lanzarote


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Lanzarote restaurants

El Leito de Proa: this local restaurant by the Charco de San Ginés in Arrecife offers a lovely view over the water with all the fishermen's boats. We had our first lunch here upon arirving on the island and we really enjoyed it - simple but good.

Lanzarote - Restaurant - El Leito de Proa

La Nasa Restaurante El Norte: this local fish restaurant in Orzola on the North of the island is a great place to go to taste the fish from the island. The atmosphere is very convivial and the fish is so fresh and tasty. We even went back there a second time for lunch.

Lanzarote - Restaurant - La Nasa

El Lago: a local family restaurant by the ocean in Arrieta. Service is very friendly, the food is delicious and the prices are really reasonable. They have lots of daily local fish options to choose from.

El Risco: this chic restaurant on the beach of Famara is the perfect place to go for some sophisticated cooking. Treat yourself to a big local fish cooked in the oven with roasted vegetables. We shared a big fish between the four of us and really enjoyed it. Plus the views are just stunning!

Bogavante: located in El Golfo, this is another delicious local restaurant on the beach with stunning views over the ocean. They are renowned for their paellas and arroz con bogavante (juicy rice with lobster). We went there twice to be able to try both dishes and we weren’t disappointed at all!

Lanzarote - Restaurant - Bogavante

Esencia - La Tegala: a fine dining restaurant in Mater. Service and food are top notch and they have a nice list of wines from the island. It’s rather pricey so I would save this one for a special occasion. If it’s still on the menu, you must try the lobster salad starter!

Bar Cafeteria El Pisquito: If you’re looking for simple food at a good price then this cafeteria is the perfect place. It’s in the town of Arrieta and you can sit on the terrace to enjoy the ocean views. Their grilled squid and sardines are really yummy.

Lanzarote - Restaurant - El Pisquito
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