10 Reasons why you should visit Paris


With millions of visitors every year, Paris is one of the most visited capital cities in the world. There are so many wonderful things about the Ville Lumière (City of Light) making the city so special and attractive. As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Paris is always a good idea”.

Everyone dreams of visiting Paris once in their lives and most of us also dream of living the true Parisian life. I moved to Paris over a year ago and I am still in love with the city as from day one. Every day I discover new places and I just love getting lost in Paris and wandering around its small streets.  

Here are the 10 reasons why you should visit the French capital:

1. To appreciate its rich history and architecture

2. To take endless photos WITH the Eiffel Tower

Rue de l'Université

3. To visit its impressive museums

Paris - Louvre

4. To taste the delicious French gastronomy

L'Espadon, Ritz Paris

5. To wander around the romantic and charming Parisian streets 


6. To admire some amazing rooftop views

Georges Pompidou

7. To experience the lively cafés and bistrots

Le Consulat

8. To live its renowned fashion scene and go shopping

Place Vendôme
Rue Saint-Honoré

9. To stroll around the wonderful parks and gardens

Parc Monceau
Albert Kahn Gardens
Square des Batignolles

10. To indulge on exquisite patisseries


One of the great things about Paris is that due to its size you are able to visit everything by foot or by bike with a Vélib. As a little side note, Vélib comes from vélo and liberté, that is “bike” and “freedom” so think of a Vélib as a freedom bike to get you around Paris…

Paris is actually quite easy to navigate around once you get a hang of the structure of its 20 arrondissments and the division by the Seine river between the left bank (rive gauche) and the right bank (rive droite).  Think of Paris as a snail's shell where the starting point is at the centre and it works its way around, which is why, for example, you have the 11th next to the 3rd.

A bientôt… 

When are you next coming to Paris?

C xx


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