My Favourite Summer Accessories


Summer is definitely my favourite season of the year. I grew up in Ibiza so the sun and being by the sea are two very important things for me. I'm most happiest when I'm at the beach and that is why I've decided to share with you my favourite summer accessories which I generally tend to take with me to the beach. Some of these products were offered to me for collaborations which I genuinely adore but most of them are products I bought myself. 


Ray Ban sunglasses

Sunglasses are one of the most important summer accessories and I've always been loyal to Ray Ban since I bought my first pair of Aviators when I was 15. This year I bought one of their new models with reflecting blue glasses which I love. 


Handmade basket

This is one of my personal favourite summer accessories which I always take with me to the beach. You can find many straw baskets online or in shops but I like to know that they're handmade and that I'm supporting local industries. Mine was handmade in Ibiza.



You may be aware of Fatboy's new product - the Lamzac- from social media. It's one of the best inventions ever! You fill the bag with air and can use it wherever to sit or lay down. I find it perfect to be comfortable on the rocky beaches. 

Easybreath swimming mask

I bought this Easybreath swimming mask from Decathlon for my escape to the Philippines and used it every day. It's ideal for snorkelling and going underwater without having any water going through your tube. 


Miasun tent

Sometimes the sun can be a bit too much when you spend a whole day at the beach and the Miasun tents are perfect for getting that extra needed shade. They're light, easy to set up and are even UV protected. Plus they’re so much more stylish than a traditional beach parasol. See more


Unicorn floatY

Floaties are all the craze at the moment. You have the flamingoes, the swans, the pineapples, the donuts but most importantly there's the unicorn floaty! This is actually my best friend's floaty but it's soooo much fun and I want to get one myself!


Sudio earphones

It's always nice to listen to music on the beach or when travelling and the Sudio earphones are just perfect with their wireless feature. They're also extremely light so sometimes you even forget that you're wearing them.. see more




Kapten & Son summer watch

Kapten & Son launched their colourful pastel straps this summer and I'm a big fan - it goes perfectly well with all other summer accessories. 


Beach Boar paddles

As much as I enjoy lounging on the beach to get a nice suntan I also love to stay active. I've always played racket & ball on the beach and the new Beach Boar rackets are really good. The brand has managed to develop rackets that are of extremely good quality, lightweight and with a sturdy grip making them really enjoyable to use.

Most importantly, the two main beach essentials that I never ever go without are sun cream and my tangle teazer hair brush.

Sun cream is an obvious one! When I was younger in Ibiza I used to cover myself in oil and fry like an egg under the midday sun. I've since realised that it wasn't good for my skin at all and so I always wear sun cream. I also find that your tan last longer when you protect your skin properly. There are so many products on the market which I haven't all tried but my favourites are Clarins face sun cream and either Nuxe or Hawaiian Tropic for the body (factor 30 minimum).

I bought the tangle teazer brush many years ago and it's perfect for getting rid of those strong knots you get at the beach. With a few brush strokes your hair is left with no knots and it doesn't damage your hair. I have the pink fizz tangle teazer and it's a summer lifesaver. 

What's your favourite summer accessory?

C xx