My Dream Escape To Australia & Asia


As you've probably seen on social media, I've recently made one of the biggest decisions in my life so far! I left my job in Paris to follow my dream to travel around Australia and Asia starting in January 2018. I’ve never travelled solo before so it’s quite nerve racking but I’m also really excited to try something new, especially to discover a new part of the world for me.

Here are the countries that I would like to visit sorted by order, which can obviously change as I want to come and go as I please and really make the most of each destination. 


The more I look into Australia, the more wonderful places I find out about and add to my list. My initial plan is to fly to Perth to explore Western Australia, then head towards Melbourne & continue towards Sydney to then travel up the east coast to Cairns passing by all the iconic places, especially the Great Barrier Reef.


I'm going to focus on all the places in the north of India in Rajasthan whilst also spending a couple of days in Delhi - maybe for the Holi Festival. Without forgetting of course a stop at the wonderful Taj Mahal.

Sri Lanka

I'm hoping to spend two weeks to explore as much as I can around the island and to visit the extraordinary turtle hatcheries and elephant parks or safari and get involved in any way I can- I need to read into this a bit more. 


Everyone has told me that Myanmar (aka Burma) is their favourite country in SE Asia. Despite the current situation in the north of the country, I'm really looking forward to seeing the beautiful temples, pagodas and isolated paradisiac beaches.


Initially, I'm going to focus on the north of Thailand to try to explore the more untouched places. As I go along, I shall see if I want to continue to the southern side and the islands but avoiding the overdeveloped spots. I definitely want to stop over in Bangkok and go to the beautiful floating market.


I will of course start at the famous temples of Siem Reap, potentitally pass by Phnom Penh and Kampot and then finish on a beautiful island in the south.


I've been told that some of the best food and charming places can be found in Laos so that will be my priority here.


I'm still debating about whether to go to Ho Chi Minh City but I know for sure that I want to travel up the coast to Hanoi, admire Halong Bay and see some of the tea plantations.


There are so many beautiful spots that I don't know where to start - probably the Perhentian Islands! I also want to visit the tea plantations, Kuala Lumpur and Borneo.


My best friend told me that I shouldn’t miss out on Singapore. Mainly to go and see the Gardens by the Bay so I shall follow her advice :) 

Fiji/Cook Islands

I'm still not sure how I'm going to get here and if I will as it's a bit outside of the area where I'll be travelling. However I really want to go to either set of islands so hopefully I can make this happen. 


Last but not least, I'm aiming to end my trip in Bali, the Gili Islands and Lombok. I'm sure I'll hear about some other beautiful islands not to miss out, especially considering that there are over 17,000!!


There are other places such as the Maldives, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and French Polynesia that I would love to add to my trip so let's see if I can make them all :)

If you would like to join me at some time in any of these destinations and/or if you have some great recommendations please let me know. The more the merrier!

Have you ever travelled solo to these destinations? 

C xx