Miasun x Lulu Escapes


At the beginning of the summer I was introduced to the founders of Miasun through a mutual friend. Hortense and Valériane are two lovely girls from Annecy who realised how important it is to protect our skin from the sun when they were travelling around Australia.

After noticing a gap in the market, they came up with the idea of their innovative UV protected cotton canvas tent and it was Hortense that actually designed the final product in Barcelona. All the materials are made in France and are of very good quality. The Miasun tents cost 89.90€ which you can buy online here.

Since the girls launched their company this year, Miasun has had a lot of success with features in the French press and several product launch events in Paris. I'm sure we will be seeing more Miasun tents in the upcoming years considering how trendy and practical they are. 

I took my Bali Miasun with me to Ibiza this summer and it’s the perfect beach accessory. It’s a lot easier to carry rather than a parasol as I could fit it in my beach basket and it can be set up in less than 2 minutes.


As much as I would have liked for all of you to win a free Miasun on Instagram through my giveaway, there was only room for one winner so instead I’m offering you all an exclusive 20% discount with the code “mialoveslulu”.

C xx