Lulu Escapes launches into the world of drone photography


I had been debating about whether to buy a drone or not for a while now until I finally made my mind up. I'm so happy to have got one as now I can see the world from a new perspective. Filming with a drone is the best way of seeing the world from the top like a bird! I feel that every picture and video makes you want to jump into the landscape and the angles and perspectives are so interesting. I wouldn’t have been able to see all of the beautiful beaches and the clear colours of the water like you'll see below if it wasn't for my drone... 

I chose to stick with DJI for its solid reputation and I’m not disappointed at all. They have several models to choose from and I personally went for the Mavic Pro because it's compact, foldable and light meaning that I can easily carry it around with me. Plus, you can film in 4k so you can imagine how amazing the footage is. Yes, it is a significantly expensive product (especially when you buy the whole bundle which I highly recommended because the batteries do run out quickly) but the quality of the photos and videos in addition to the drone's intelligence are exceptional so I definitely find that it's worth the investment.

Here are some of my favourite drone shots which I took in Ibiza & Formentera:

I also filmed a lot with my drone when I was in Ibiza and hopefully I will be able to share the final video soon with all of you on my YouTube channel so do subscribe to stay tuned for more! If you have any questions about getting your own first drone leave a comment below and I will try to guide you the best I can. 

Do you have a drone or are you thinking of getting your first one?

C xx

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