Island hopping tours in El Nido


We stayed in El Nido Bay itself which is practical because it’s where all the boat tours leave from to visit the neighboring islands and lagoons. It’s rather touristic and the bay itself isn’t particularly nice but you’ll be spending your days out on a boat so it’s doesn’t really matter.

Use this map to find your accommodation in El Nido:

There are 5 different boat tours to choose from in El Nido: Tour A, Tour B, Tour C, Tour D and Tour E. You can combine some of these on the same day but I don’t recommend doing so as you will be rushed around from one place to the other and you won’t really have time to enjoy each stop properly.  On each Banka (local boat) there are approximately 20 people so if you want to be on your own or in a small group then the other option is to rent a private Banka/boat.

The prices of the tours are the same everywhere so it won’t make much of a difference where you book it but if you plan on doing several tours then do try to negotiate the price with the same company as you will definitely get a good deal. You will be asked to pay a 200 PHP environmental fee which can then be used for all tours in El Nido. The tours include towels, snorkeling masks (if you don’t already have your own equipment) and a lovely lunch on the beach prepared by the crew. The tours leave at around 9am and arrive back at 5pm before sunset.

We went on tours A and C and they would both amazing so I highly recommend doing these two (they’re also the most popular ones so try to book at least one day in advance).

Tour A

This tour costs 1,200 PHP (which you can negotiate down to 1,000 PHP) and takes you to:

Seven Commandos beach


Shimizu Island

Philippines-Shimizu Island

Big Lagoon

Philippines-Big Lagoon

Small Lagoon

Philippines-Small Lagoon

Secret Lagoon

(I didn't bother taking any pictures of the Secret Lagoon as it was overcrowded....)

Tour C

This tour costs 1,400 PHP (which you can negotiate down to 1,200 PHP) as it goes a bit further out and takes you to:

Helicopter Island

Philippines-Helicopter Island

Talisay Beach

Philippines-Talisay Beach

Hidden Beach

Philippines-Hidden Beach

Secret Beach

Philippines-Secret Beach

Matinloc Shrine


Which boat tour did you enjoy the most in El Nido?

C xx

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