Island hopping in Coron


When you first arrive in Coron you might feel a bit disappointed because it's not that nice but don't get your hopes down because as soon as you go out on a boat tour to Coron Island and the other small islands you will be amazed by all of the natural beauties.

Prices in Coron are cheaper than in El Nido so you can easily afford to rent a private boat between two or more of you - and, trust me, it's well worth doing it like this. The best thing to do is to go straight to the port where all the tour boats are and negotiate the price directly with the captain rather than going through a tour agency who will charge a commission. Plus, you will mostly likely find other people at the port interested in sharing a private boat with you to split the cost.

You can ask your captain to take you to the places at the moments when the other organised tours aren't there meaning you will have some spots literally to yourselves! There's a market just opposite the port where you can buy fresh local products (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, drinks, etc.) and then have the crew prepare your lunch for you on the boat.

We went on two different outings and they were both extraordinary:

Island Hopping Boat Tour

This boat tour costs 3,500 PHP (private boat) and takes you out for the day to some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines:

Malacpuya Island


Banana Island


Bulog Island


Coron Island Boat Tour

This boat tour costs 2,000 PHP (private boat) and takes you to several breathtaking places for the day:

Siete Pecados


Kayangan Lake


Twin Lagoon


Banol Island


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Which spot did you enjoy the most around Coron Island?

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