Best destinations to visit in 2017


If you're still asking yourself where to go this year then don't worry because this post features some of the most amazing upcoming destinations in the world, covering all 7 continents, from tropical destinations in Asia to safari spots in Africa...


From fine white sandy beaches in Coron to outstanding coral reefs, secret lagoons in El Nido and enchanting waterfalls in Cebu, the Philippines seem to have it all. With over 7,000 islands officially declared there’s an abundance of truly beautiful places to discover. The water is so clear and you will be amazed by all the blue shades. There's a reason why everyone is going to the Philippines lately so head over there before it gets too popular!

Monument Valley, USA

Monument Valley is a must see if you're visiting the American Southwest. The famous Sandstone Mesas and Tower Butte are surrounded by flat red sand and desert shrubs. This valley has been featured in many iconic movies such as Forest Gump and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade but what you have seen from movies or photos does not do this place justice. You truly have to go and look out across the entire valley from the edge of the surrounding cliffs in order to truly appreciate Monument Valley's beauty and grandeur. Once you leave, you will never be able to shake this newfound feeling of wanderlust!

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Everything about Egypt make this country a number one destination in the world. The Egyptian people are the kindest most welcoming people, the history within this country is not like any other place on this earth and all the sites are so well preserved. Considering that not many people choose to go to Egypt at the moment, this means it's the perfect time to go because all the sites are free of tourists and you will get these incredible places to yourself! Egypt will steal your heart away and will probably end up as one of your favorite travel destinations...

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Salvador, Brazil 

Salvador is a coastal city full of history and culture which shouldn’t be missed when travelling in Brazil. With is beautiful coloured houses, wonderful food, lively music on the streets and welcoming locals, you’ll easily find something to entertain you. Enjoy a live folkloric dance performance at the Teatro Miguel Santana, find handmade gift ideas at the Mercado Modelo, see spectacular views of the city up on the Lacerda Elevator and go dancing until early hours in the morning... If you want to escape the heat of the city, you can always head down to the nearby Porto da Barra Beach to enjoy the sea breeze.


They say that if you can travel in India, you can travel anywhere. It will draw you in and captivate you. It will surprise you, overwhelm you, and frustrate you at times, but it will leave you in awe and hungry to see more. Sail the backwaters of Kerala on a house boat, explore the Thar desert by camel, drink chai tea on a rocky night train, watch candy floss coloured sunsets in Goa and visit the world famous Taj Mahal at sunrise. India is a country rich in history and culture and bursting with adventure, spirituality, delicious food and some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. 

If you’re a first time visitor to India, start with a trip to the Rajasthan region to see majestic forts and opulent palaces and to learn about Indias royal history and cultural heritage. Explore the blue city of Jodhpur and zip line over the Mehrangarh Fort, take in the beauty of the pink, honeycombed Hawa Mahal and roam the courtyards of the City Palace in Jaipur, then take in a Bollywood movie at Raj Mandir. Most importantly, allow yourself to be challenged, inspired and delighted by the chaos that awaits you!

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When you think of Kenya you will immediately think about safaris and a safari in Kenya's Amboseli National Park & Maasai Mara is an absolute must! Between July and September you can witness the great migration which is one of the most impressive natural events worldwide - around 1.5 million wildebeests, 500,000 Thomson's gazelles and 200,000 zebras and other animals (amongst them the predators, such as lions and hyenas). 

You can choose from a range of different packages to suit your budget but the Porini Adventure Camping Safari is probably the best safari package because you get to experience the luxurious safari lifestyle all at a fraction of the price by staying in tents instead of fancy hotels. You still get a private bathroom with a hot shower behind your tent, all meals included, two game drives a day in the exclusive wildlife conservancies, and flights to and from both Amboseli National Park and the Maasai Mara (saving you from the long drives on terribly bumpy roads).

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Los Cabos, Mexico 

Los Cabos is quickly gaining traction as one of the most popular beach destinations of 2017! Whether you're looking for a rowdy place to spend Spring Break (head to Cabo San Lucas on the west) or seeking some peace and quiet to get away with your beau for the weekend (check out San Jose del Cabo on the east), Los Cabos has something to please everyone. With beautiful resorts off the ocean's coast, an endless list of water activities to dip your feet into, and a variety of authentic foodie spots to satisfy any stomach, you'll never run short of things to fill your time. PS: Don't miss a chance to get a glimpse of the famous "Arch" of Cabo San Lucas while you're there!

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Milan, Italy

In addition to standing out as one of the fashion and design capitals of the world, Milan is a vibrant city that boasts extraordinary architecture and endless cultural activities. From high-end designer shops and fancy restaurants to convivial bars along the canals of Navigli for the aperitivo, there is something for everyone. The most unforgettable experience is getting to the top of the Duomo and seeing the panoramic views over the city. After spending a couple of days in Milan there are some charming lakes nearby to visit such as Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Garda.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its beautiful unspoiled scenery - mountains, glaciers, beaches, rainforests, lakes and volcanoes, many of which can even be visited on the same day. You must definitely go to Queenstown because it's surrounded by stunning mountains, a crystal clear lake and a beautiful township, making it the perfect destination for a holiday full of adventure, discovery and relaxation. Queenstown provides an amazing 'winter playground' for ski goers and snowboarders, so even if you can't make it during the summer, there are endless attractions and things to do!

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Waterfalls, landscapes with huge rice fields, beautiful beaches for surfing or swimming and some might say: the best sunsets in the world. Bali offers a huge variety of nature’s magic. It’s called the Island of Gods for a reason: Daily ceremonies, offering baskets in the street and the smell of incense sticks in the air make this Island unique. In the more touristy areas you will find not only delicious traditional Balinese dishes, but hip and healthy cafes. Even though there are already many tourists visiting Bali, there are still hidden gems and almost untouched places for you to explore...

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Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, home to the state capital Honolulu and world famous Waikiki Beach, has no shortage of activities or culture for first time visitors. The challenging hike up Koko Head Crater is an absolute must! The breathtaking views over the blue waters of Hanauma Bay and Hawaii Kai make the 1,000 steps up to the top totally worth it. 

Another absolute must is Turtle Bay which marks the entrance to the legendary North Shore, one of the most scenic stretches of Oahu's coastline. Besides the vivid blue and green colors of the waves crashing around you, it is also known for the large number of green sea turtles that inhabit the area (hence, its name). If you're lucky, you may even be able to spot a few of the sea turtles laying in the sun!

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Antarctica, the great white continent, a place on earth like no other. With its untouched wilderness, abundance of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes it's like visiting another planet. The journey to Antarctica is quite the adventure and not for the faint hearted but once you reach the peninsula and are greeted by the wondrous and never ending landscapes you will instantly fall in love with this fascinating place!

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