A day on Rottnest Island in Western Australia


Rottnest is only a 25 minute ferry ride from Perth and it's one of the main attractions of the city. Also known as "Rotto", the island is a protected natural reserve and is renowned for its gorgeous small white sandy beaches and pristine waters. There are over 60 beaches on the island, 20 secluded bays and spectacular reefs for diving and snorkelling. 

We spent the day visiting the beaches on the north-east side of the island:

Pinky Beach

Rottnest Island - Pinky Beach

Fays Bay

Rottnest Island - Fays Bay

Parakeet Beach

Rottnest Island - Little Armstrong Bay

Little Armstrong Bay

Rottnest Island - Little Armstrong Bay

Catherine Bay

Rottnest Island - Catherine Bay

Ricey Beach 

Rottnest Island - Ricey Beach

SeaLink kindly got us to Rottnest and the crossing went well - approx 25 minutes. An adult ticket costs $67 return (including the $18 Government admission fee to Rottnest Island). We took the first ferry there from Fremantale at 7am and took the last one back at 8pm to have the full day experience. 

Rottnest Island - Lighthouse

The little quokkas are also a popular attraction as these marsupials can only be found on Rottnest Island and they're really cute - I find they're a mix between a rat and a kangaroo... There are also colonies of sea lions and fur seals. The whale watching season runs from September to December so we didn't see any. 

Rottnest Island - Quokkas

The island is car-free so the main options to get around are either by foot or by bike. The latter is my preferred choice as you can go a bit further and I find it's easier to cycle and get the fresh breeze rather than walking under the hot sun... There are several bike rides to choose from depending on how motivated you are to cycle. To get to Ricey Beach from the Pedal and Flipper bike hire it took us around 30 mins (bike rental- $30/day). There's also a small bus that goes around the island but I'm not sure how frequent it is.

Rottnest Island - Bicycle

We had a nice lunch at Geordies Café and in the evening we had a drink and a bite to eat at Hotel Rottnest which is really lively and is a great spot to watch the sunset over Thomson Bay and end your wonderful day on the island.


For more information on accommodation, tours, daily activities, etc. visit Rottnest Island website

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