Meet Lulu Escapes

Hi, I’m Charlotte; I'm half English, half French, born & raised between London, Ibiza, Madrid & Paris and currently living in Bordeaux. I’ve always been obsessed with travelling and I absolutely love planning new adventures! So far I've visited 34 countries in 6 different continents and I’m always thinking about my next escape.

After living in different countries and having travelled to several destinations in the world, I started my own travel blog in 2016 to combine my creativity with my knowledge of travelling. Lulu comes from my middle name Louise and I chose Escapes instead of travels because for me travelling is a way of escaping somewhere new and discovering something different from my day-to-day life. 

My blog features travel guides, hotel reviews plus food & drink recommendations from the destinations I have visited, with a focus on luxury boutique travel & sustainability. I hope my blog will inspire and encourage you to travel as much as possible because life is too short and the world is too big!   

As they say - "the world is your oyster"

One thing I always do before travelling somewhere is to ask my family and friends for their local recommendations to make sure I discover each place off the beaten path - which is why you can feel confident in my choice of places!

Have fun reading my posts and join over 70,000 of us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to share our travel adventures and experiences around the world.

I look forward to embarking on this infinite escape with you...

C xx